What’s your full name/address/age/personal information???

That is none of your business, thank you. Please find something else to do with your life.

How does your rating system work?

First I rate based on how well it was made. This may include plot, artwork, dialog, and animation. The higher the score they get the better. Second I rate based on the morality of the entertainments content. This may include inappropriate, violent, or emotional scenes. I also rate it on things relating to magic, because some Christians believe some or all forms or mentioning of magic are sinful and I respect their opinion. The lower the score they get the better.

What will you not rate?

I do not rate movies rated R or apps, games, or manga rated above M. Books are a little harder to clarify because of the fact that they are not usually rated, so I will give examples with each standard:

Black Magic: Harry Potter series

Slasher and Gory Horror: Goosebumps series

Graphic and Erotic Romance: Go to a book store and look for the romance section. Most things in that aisle probably qualify.

Why do you do the fantasy genre? I thought you didn’t review magic.

I don’t do black magic or voodoo. I do not believe in “good” magic, so I believe witches cast as villains are OK, as long as they don’t really get into what magic really is. I also do rate some books that have “good” faeries and elves and things like that. To make it simple, I will rate a fantasy book that has a girl with a faerie friend, but I will not rate a book that’s main focus is “good” witchcraft and wizards. I suppose it is where the focus is and how weird it gets.

Why are “gee” and “gosh” in your swear word list?

“Gee” or “jeez” is a short kid version of misusing Jesus’ name and “gosh” means God. You can look up the words in an online dictionary if you want.

What are “Shoujo” and “Shounen”?

In my manga and anime sections you will see them classified by genre and by whether they are shounen or shoujo. In Japan, shoujo manga and anime is directed at teen girls and will probably be more enjoyed by them. They include school life, boyfriends, and cutesy costumes. Shounen manga is aimed at teen boys and has fighting and technology. I suppose either could be enjoyed by either gender (I actually enjoy some kid rated shounen like the Megaman series), but knowing if they are shoujo or shounen is helpful to know if you will probably enjoy it.

Why did you put that in the section titled Religious? I disagree!

If you have problems with my religious opinions because you are a Catholic, Lutheran, Muslim, Buddhist, etc. I am afraid I must stand strong on certain things. I am a Baptist and anything I find contrary to Bible teachings and doctrine I will put as a religious problem whether you believe it is one or not. If you kindly wish to contradict me that is one thing and I may consider what you have told me, but if you can not back it up on the Bible I am afraid I will have to reject the opinion.

What are your beliefs on abortion, homosexuality, Bible versions, and etc.?

To help my readers understand why I rate things a certain way, I will explain some personal beliefs I have.

Abortion and Birth Control: I believe abortion is murder and wrong no matter how the baby was conceived or what disease the baby may suffer. I believe birth control in itself is not wrong as long as a baby is not killed by it. Some Christians are against birth control and as I try to rate things by the higher standard it shall always be mentioned in my reviews if it is in the entertainment.

Bible Version: 1611 KJV only.

Divorce: I believe divorce is a sin unless your unsaved spouse left you or you left an abusive spouse, and I believe all remarriage after divorce equals adultery no matter why you or your spouse left.

End Times: I believe that the Christians will not endure any of the tribulation, but will be brought to heaven in the rapture. I also believe that Jesus will return to earth and reign for a thousand years.

Evolution: I believe it is not true, and that science strongly disproves it.

Feminism: I believe feminism is not a right mindset because it attempts to make men and women the same. Though to a degree I support “women’s rights” as in helping women get jobs, an education, and protection from abuse, I am against the idea of men and women being treated and looked at as if there was no difference between the genders.

Homosexuality: I believe it is a sin. I believe homosexual people deserve the basic respect that all people deserve, but I do not support their lifestyle in any way. I also believe bestiality, necrophilia, and pedophilia are unnatural and against God’s intentions.

Personal Religion: Independent, fundamental, Baptist.

Salvation: Only through faith that Jesus is God and the only way to heaven. I also believe that salvation is forever and that the unsaved will go to hell and eventually the lake of fire forever. I do not believe in purgatory or salvation through works of any kind including baptism and The Lord’s Supper.