Dangerous Ideas

Things to Watch For In Entertainment

The following are particular philosophies children’s books, movies, and games promote that are quite dangerous to their spiritual health. If you see these in the description of any of my reviews here is a definition for each one.

Build up Karma: People who do good will always have good luck and vice versa. This is partially true but we are not always rewarded for our actions as we should be and this can build false beliefs.

Curious, Curious George: If you Follow Your Heart, (see below) people will get upset at you and threaten punishment, but the truth is they don’t understand. In the process you bring a horrible problem on the people of your nation (like a curse or destruction) and then you somehow fix it. Because you fixed a problem you caused, you are the hero of the year, even though if it weren’t for you no one would have been in danger. You also usually got whatever it was you wanted too.

Follow Your Heart: Do whatever whim strikes your fancy and do things you feel are best, even if it means ignoring the good influences in your life. It teaches that everything will be okay if you follow your gut instinct to lead you in the right direction. This is different than the doing what you know is right even if it’s frowned upon. This is doing what you feel and assume is best for your benefit. It is also different than Curious, Curious George.

Religious People = Bad People: Religious or moral people are shown to do what is biblical, but they are viewed as stupid, cowards, or fools. They even may die for their beliefs or good values, but instead of being martyrs for doing the right thing, they are shown as dying from fear or stupidity. This may also show the worse idea that all religious leaders are hypocrites that hide behind proud righteousness to look better and benefit from the religious fools.

Your Parents Are Dumb and Your Neighbor’s Evil: Basically all adults have bricks for brains or are out to kill you. The children or villain may easily trick their parents or other adults and the only adults that are ever smart are the ones planning world domination.